Martin Engelbogen


space, guerilla marketing

Chick­z­illa was the inof­fi­cial prelaunch-event of the design event “Designmonat Graz” in the year 2011. This guerilla-action also advert­ised for the pub­lic­a­tion “bok bok book”, which was cre­ated by Fh-Joanneum’s Communication-Design students.

The pro­ject sim­u­lated an inva­sion of gigantic chick­ens, tak­ing place at the old town of Graz. This was made by art install­a­tions sim­u­lat­ing chicken’s tracks like gigantic footprints, eggs, feathers, dung, sound and shad­ows, but the chicken itself was never shown.

At the end a flashmob went through the city trying to kill the mother-chicken, but actu­ally it was hunted down by another party and so the angry mob had to con­tent theirselves with some warm chicken soup and the present­a­tion of “bok bok book”.

uni­ver­sity of applied sci­ences Fh Joan­neum | Graz
guer­illa mar­ket­ing campaign

(flash­mob pic­tures © Bastian Meier)