Martin Engelbogen

t.t.e. at istanbul design week

fair stand, audio video installation

T.t.e. — short form of “tasty time exper­i­ence”, was a fair stand I con­cep­ted together with Kath­ar­ina Maut­ner to rep­res­ent the Fh Joan­neum at the Istan­bul Design Week.

The concept was easy: Kathi came up with the idea to serve fresh fruit juice, to keep people at our fair stand and I came up with the idea for an audi­ovisual install­a­tion to catch people’s atten­tion. To give both things a con­nec­tion, I took pic­tures of sliced fruits, and used them for the video install­a­tion and also as paste-ups for the furniture.

For the install­a­tion I used two cam­eras which were focused on the people passing by, one cam had a little delay, so people could watch them­selves twice, both pic­tures were blen­ded with fruits mov­ing to the sound. The cam­eras were hid­den in arti­fi­cial lem­ons. For the sound i brought DJ Equip­ment from Graz, and asked a local friend of mine to join me play­ing music dur­ing the day. To get a bet­ter impres­sion you should watch the video below.

uni­ver­sity of applied sci­ences Fh Joan­neum | Graz
con­cept­ing and build­ing a fair stand

tasty time exper­i­ence fea­tured on parasite-net at 5:35 min